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iPad Management

Swipe to Agree

One of my small tasks related to managing our iPad program is to set up the devices, including such things as wallpapers and lock screens. When considering options I kept two main ideas in mind:

  1. The backgrounds must be simple enough not to be a distraction.
  2. The backgrounds must be iconic and specific to our university.

So, before the iPad meeting today I went out for a walk and took some pictures.

The plan was to get a nice shot of the monument on campus, and then perhaps a close-up of the iconic tile walls on campus. The use of each is planned out below.

I wanted the lock screen to be immediately¬†identifiable¬†on sight, while also serving another important purpose. I wanted to incorporate a “Swipe to agree” statement to remind users of our iPad usage policies. read more »

iPad Management


We recently purchased 40 iPads for our university Media Center (a.k.a. ‘the library’), and I have been tasked with their management. We only have 30 remaining on our campus, as two sets of five were sent off to our other campuses, but that is still plenty for a small school like ours. We currently have ten black third generation iPads, fifteen black iPad 2s, and five white iPad 2s.

While I have been working with one of the third generation iPads for the past week in order to select apps and such, I have quite enjoyed the natural feel of a naked iPad. I have always been a bit odd about protecting my screens, and actually went as far as to use my iPad 2 in the film it was shipped in for a few days while waiting for my screen protector to arrive in the mail. However, while I have been quite cautious with the screen, I do not feel as confident that all the users who follow me will be, so I spent my morning installing Zagg screen protectors on 30 devices.

Of course, I had some students do some of the work as well…

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